Rosetta Stone Atelier is already synonymous throughout Europe, with its flowy silhouettes, design simplicity, comfortable fits and modern bohemian style. As of March 2019, we added size-inclusive tops to our collection with the launch of Rosetta Fully Figured.

Full Figured Collection contains various models of tops proportioned specifically for more curvaceous body types.  In the fashion industry, in general, full figured size is identified as 46 (18) and over or in other words, sizes between 1x to 6x. In addition to past efforts to cater to different cultures and body types through oversize-specific collection we set up the brand, Rosetta Fully Figured with an impressive range sizes stretch to 7x and 8x.

It has really become important for women to be themselves, whatever their form, shape, size or appearance. Rosetta Stone Atelier made the ultimate shirt collection to dress all shapes, colors and forms of our world.

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